Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Party Time

A few weeks ago we attended a B-Day Party for Alida's best friend....Olivia aka Livvy! Livvy turned 1 on March 12th! How quickly that flew!!! Alida got a little practice in by trying on a birthday hat and taste testing the cake. The hat didn't last but she loved the cake!!! She was a good little girl the entire time...not much of a peep from her! Party goers commented on Alida's ability to walk....whispering things like 'she's too little to walk. look at her legs, they are only a few inches long!' Matt was proud to hear someone comments on her cute little features....calling her a perfect little doll. Geez, I hope Alida's head doesn't get any bigger!! It's already in the 95th percentile!! HA! Here is a picture of Olivia one year ago....the day she was born (Alida is in my belly!!).

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