Friday, September 14, 2007

It's been a while....

Alida staring at her fingers....

In my favorite little outfit! It has flowers on the rear too!! :)

Blowing bubbles!!

Alida and her favorite person :) (until she turns 16!!)

Smiling at Mom-Mom!

I absolutely cannot believe how fast Alida is growing!!! Matt and I measured her the other night because she seems to be outgrowing her PJ's already!!! (they are 3 - 6 month size) She is 25 inches long already!!! We go back to the doctor in about 2 weeks - I'll bet that she weighs a good 13 pounds! She has been doing all kinds of cute things these days....she picks up some of her toys, she brings her hands together and clasps them and then brings them to her mouth, she blows lots of bubbles and even makes a cute noise when doing it, she giggles at all kinds of stuff (and then usually gets the hiccups if she laughs hard enough), she smiles constantly at everything and everyone, she lets out playful little screams on occasion, she babbles a lot more than she used to, she is inches from rolling over from her back to her belly, she does 180's when she is lying on her back, the list goes on and on.....can you tell that I am a proud momma or what??!!

Well, work has been ok...I miss Alida terribly and pray for a miracle so that I can spend more time with her. Matt has started his new job and seems to really love it!!! I hope it works out well for us. Soon we will be putting our home on the market so that I can go back to school...hopefully it all works out. Hope everyone is doing well!!!!