Friday, December 26, 2008

Current Top Ten

In no particular order....

1. The Backyardigans...especially Pablo (the little blue guy in the stroller).

2. Mommy...poor Daddy is always last in line for Alida's affection. Sorry Matt! Your time will doubt when she's 15 and "hates" her mama!

3. Bath time! She sometimes asks for one...and she always says "hi" (see below) when asked if she'd like one. She pronounces it BAAAhhh and sticks her tongue out for the "th".

4. Noodles....gotta love those Carbs!! She now asks for them at took me a while to figure out what she was asking for!

5. Saying "hi" when answering "yes". I have tried over and over and over to correct her when saying yes but she insists on saying hi....I just don't get it!

6. Pictures of family and friends....she loves to point people out! She may not always be able to say the names but if you put her in front of a picture of some people and tell her who they are she can then point to each person when asked. The girl has got a great memory!

7. Labeling objects as to who they belong to or who they came from. If it belongs to mommy it is called "mommy's", if it's daddy's then we call it "daddy's", if it's Alida's then we call it "aye-aye's" (not sure why she pronounces her name so strangely!). At bedtime I cover her up with a blanket that Mimi made so her last words at night are "Mimi's" and when I put her coat on that Aunt Nine and Uncle Dave bought her it always "Nine's". She brought some lipstick to me the other day and said "Mimi's" was my lipstick but I don't really wear it, Mimi wears lipstick a lot though!!

8. Her phone (and anyone else's phone for that matter) aka Doan!! She loves, loves, loves to talk on the phone. She will use a remote (which we call Daddy's), or a calculator or anything that resembles a phone if her baby cell isn't handy. She has gotten the "hi" and "bye-bye" down pat.

9. Cheese. She Loves, Loves, Loves cheese! She will ask for it while driving and for snack. Anytime we open the fridge she tries to open the top drawer and yells CHEESE!

10. Baby dolls. We weren't aware of this intense interest until Christmas where she received her first real baby doll and a baby stroller, pack 'n' play, baby swing/high chair and shopping cart. She will spend hours putting the baby to bed or pushing the baby through the house. It's so cute to watch!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

I have so many things that I want to share but absolutely no time to do it in!!! Boo!!! I had to post a Christmas Blog with Alida on Santa's lap. She ABSOLUTELY adored him!!!!!

Until next time.....Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!!