Tuesday, July 10, 2007

There goes the Friday posts.....

Doesn't she look hilarious in this pic?? She looks so much older than she really is!! Even though Matt is holding her up she is really holding her own head!! She is doing really well that these days! She has better control when she is in an upright position rather than lying on the floor - she still needs a little help from gravity!!I think I might end up with 100's of pics of the two of them sleeping together! It's not hard to get them since they both love to sleep so much!!!!

Well, I tried to post something every Friday but it was much easier to keep up with when I was sitting in front of a computer every Friday for 9 hours!!!
Alida took her first out of state trip to her Aunt and Uncle's house this past week. It was a long ride but she did excellently!! She is so adaptable....Matt and I are lucky!!!
Last week she had a doc appt., she now weighs 9 lbs and 4 oz. She is growing so quickly!! She measured 20 1/4 inches. She received her first shot and I ended up crying with her. I didn't think it would affect me but it really did!!! Poor little girl. At her next appointment she gets 4 shots.....I won't be taking her to that appointment alone!
Last night she slept for 8 hours!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! And what's even better is that when she woke up in the morning and I picked her up she gave me a big smile!!!!! She must have been starving but instead of crying she smiled. She keeps on amazing me!!
Yesterday, mom-mom and I took her to my aunt's pool. She took a little dip and was surprisingly ok with it. She looked so cute in her little bikini and her bonnet. She didn't spend much time in the pool....maybe 5 minutes or so, then she took a nap so mommy could relax in the pool :-)
Well, time to go and feed the princess. I hear her stirring.....

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amy t said...

i love the pic of her & matt sleeping. so cute!