Monday, June 2, 2008


It has come and gone....just like that. A whole year before our eyes. Alida has grown from a tiny (surprisingly! wasn't my belly huge??!) baby to a petite toddler. WOW! I thought by now I would certainly feel like a 'mom'. But....I am still amazed that she's mine. Matt and I thank God every day for allowing us the gift of bringing such a beautiful, little angel into this world! To watch her grow is the most indescribably amazing thing I have ever witnessed. God's little miracle! I still look at her tiny features, play with her little fingers and toes, smooth her silky hair and just revel in HIS masterpiece. AMAZING! That's all I can say!! I am sure that Matt would agree....she has changed us (inside and out!) FOREVER!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our miracle....we love you Alida Marie...more than words will ever say!

Check out Alida enjoying her first cake! She LOVED it!!! Not too sure what to do with the candle but she loved the singing (imagine that - Matt and I are NOT singers!) and the cake!

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Anonymous said...

How precious! I can't believe our little Angel is a year old, either. She's a beauty! Mimi and Grandad love you too, Lil' Lida Lew!