Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No more searching the NET!

Poor Miss Alida. We start off addressing her hand problem and make a few appointments to deal with that. Then this past week she starts to act a little funny. On Thursday I was home with her…I worked Wednesday instead…and she was refusing to sleep for me. Not very unusual but she was so tired it wasn't even funny. It was late afternoon and I decided to put her brand new shoes on so she could walk around and try them out. She was clunking around the hall and I thought she was walking funny due to the shoes – much bigger and heavier than she is used to. I looked a little closer and noticed that she was holding her neck funny, her shoulders were hunched up and she couldn't turn her head very far in either direction. The poor baby could not look up at all! So…I ran next door to get the opinion of my nurse neighbor…she agreed that a phone call to the doc was needed. Well….apparently it was a pulled muscle because she had no other symptoms. I talked my mom into asking one of the doc’s at her work this weekend to take a look and she noticed that Alida’s lymph nodes were a bit swollen…which could cause the neck stiffness. Nothing too serious…we should wait it out and it should improve. One bottle of Motrin and 5 days later and here we are with a neck that is still stiff. She will be going to see the doctor this evening. I have been driving myself crazy by looking online to see what it could be….not a good idea! Meningitis, Cerebral Palsy…a bunch of other things I can’t pronounce or spell! No more Internet searching for me! I hope this neck problem isn't anything to worry about…. I know that God is watching over her and I pray that he will keep her healthy!

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Candice said...

I'll be praying that everything is fine. Keep us updated.

Poor little cutie! Even just a basic stiff neck is no fun.