Tuesday, August 19, 2008

10 of Alida's favorite things...

The following is a short but descriptive list of Alida's top 10 favorite things (order is completely random):

1. Shoes....wearing them, carrying them and taking them off. Again and again and again....

2. Blowing raspberries on mommy's belly.....she is sooooo good at this! This makes daddy laugh every time! Poor Mommy can't lay down on the floor without being attacked these days!!

3. The "I'm gonna get you" game....it throws her into fits of giggles and makes her run somewhat lopsided since she keeps trying to look back to see how close you are to actually getting her.

4. Going outside....once you say it you better do it or else.....

5. Giving kisses....just ask and you shall receive! And sometimes there's no need to ask!!

6. Mom-Mom.....poor mommy is a second rate citizen when Mom-Mom is around!!

7. BLUEBERRIES....still her favorite and a staple at the Lewandoski household.

8. Grabbing things she isn't supposed to have then running away with them as quickly as possible, she looks back to see if you are about to grab it...realizing she can't get away fast enough she throws the item across the room before you can get it!! This drives me CRAZY...but it's so darn cute (and smart!)!

9. Dogs, cats, cows, etc, etc......she always has a smile for them even through her tears.

10. Carrying a purse.....so adorable. She'll load her arm with bags bending her elbow to keep them on and walk around the house with a look of triumph.

She melts our hearts and pushes our buttons ever day!!!

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