Sunday, September 14, 2008

Smart Cookie

OK…so, this may not be amazing to some of you...I am not entirely unaware of the phenomenon known as "my baby is an amazing genius" aka "parent pride".....but Matt and I were in utter disbelief when the following scenario occurred. is some quick background info…..I just bought the Wii Fit (a gift from my mom for my 30th - it's a little early but I was never taught patience when I was little! HA!) and it came with 4 additional “feet” to put on the bottom of the board in case you have a thick carpet. They are these little, round plastic discs. Anyway, Alida liked them so much that she decided to take them and put them in the playroom and add them to her toy collection (along with the cinnamon from the spice rack and the Pam Spray from the pantry!!). I found them two nights ago but couldn’t find the fourth one to complete the set. I placed the three that I found in the living room….Alida discovered them again the other night and brought them to me as I was relaxing on the couch watching TV with Matt. This is what happened next:

Onny mama monmon nah bop.” (Alida hands the three discs to me)
“Thank you Alida. There’s one more and mommy can’t find it. Can you go into your playroom and find it for mommy?” (Me)
Unhhuhh.” (Alida)
She proceeds to go into her playroom as Matt and I stay in the living room.
“There’s no way she’s going to find it and bring it to you.” (Matt)
“I know…I’m just playing around.” (Me)
Alida re-enters the room with the fourth disc in hand. Looks of disbelief appear on the faces of mommy and daddy.
“Did that just happen?” (Me)
“I think it did…” (Matt)
“I feel like I should call someone to tell them what just happened.” (Me)
“Go ahead….call your mom” (Matt)

This was one of the craziest things that Alida has done. How the heck did she understand what I was saying?! And how the heck did she know where that disc was amongst all her other toys when I couldn’t find it for the life of me!!!!!! OMG!!

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Aunt Kris said...

Too funny ... they just seem to know WAY more than we think they should, don't they?! :)