Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Matt and I recently took Alida to see her favorite cartoon character at The Crayola Factory...Pablo from The Backyardigans. I was so excited to see how she would react. She absolutely LOVES this guy! Well....sure enough she was scared. BOOHOO!! She wouldn't even stand with him to get a picture! From a distance she loved him but up close and personal was way different. Despite my disappointment I was still glad that she got to experience the visit, even if it wasn't ideal. The entire ride home (and for the next few weeks) she chanted the words "Scared Pablo" over and over. She still loves him though!!

By the way...I am crossing my fingers that one of these days...when I ask Alida to 'smile' she won't give me the cheesy toddler grin that she just hasn't been able to shake yet. One of these days!

Waiting for Pablo...
He's here.....

Scared Pablo!!

The world's largest crayon and the world's cheesiest toddler grin...

Another cheesy grin! Man, I gotta stop asking her to smile!!!

OK....so, it's my fault. I know what she does when I ask but I still do it!!!!

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