Friday, April 10, 2009

Some of our Favorite People

We would love more than anything to have more time in our lives to visit with family and friends. Luckily we had some opportunities to visit with some of our favorite people!

Alida loves Baby the Bunny. My girlfriend's mom owns this bunny and it's just like a dog! Roams around the house and takes naps on the couch!!

Baby Maddox and his momma! My girlfriend Jen does not know what she's in for!! Alida is dying to have a little friend that she can play with in the area and it looks like Baby Maddox might have to fill that spot! Alida talks about him constantly...everything is Baby Maddox. She even calls him on the phone!!
Even though Alida went binky-less as an infant she LOVES other kid's binkys. If it's missing Alida has it!
Enjoying a view that she used to love herself! Ahh, the baby days!!!

A visit to Ginny brings some of us closer together. Alida had a great time hanging with her cousins. She loves to run around them and play with their toys as they watch her. Look out Alida....they are mobile and they are boys....only time will tell!!!

Enjoying some pool time with Carter!

Chowing on some puffs!

It's Norah! Alida's favorite neighbor! They both like to shop at Target!!!! HEHE!