Monday, July 6, 2009

June and Beyond

Alida is now officially 2 years old!! So sad...and so happy at the same time. She has been keeping us more than busy this past month. The girl does not sit still, well, except for the occasional Backyardigans episode. She is talking up a storm and has reached the point where she says some pretty funny things. She has been reading some of her book so well that it amazes me...she opened "oh the places you'll go" the other night and turned to this page saying "look mommy..lurch, bump and slump" and it was the right page! She can read 'Hungry Caterpillar' from front to back leaving out all the insignificant words of course. She currently takes her stuffed monkey, Curious George, with her everywhere (thanks Fran and Amy!!). She loves him. There's a monkey at Mom-Mom's house too and he wears a Hawaiian shirt so we named him Charlie and unlike George who lives in the jungle Charlie lives on the beach (lucky Charlie!!). She loves her baby dolls too but not as much as her Backyardigans buddies. She's always propping one of them up and singing "happy birthday" at the top of her lungs to one of them. She also sends her stuffed friends to time out when they are naughty which seems to be quite a lot! She'll sit them on a stool in front of the fireplace and yell 'sit there, naughty, don't move, don't touch toys, don't talk, don't fall'. The poor things just can't seem to stop themselves from falling over so they have to be fixed and yelled at again and again. It makes me we really act like that?!

The other day Matt, Alida and I met my mom for breakfast at a diner. The waitress had left money on the table from a previous customer. I gave the money to Alida and told her to give it to the waitress. She hands it over and as the waitress walks aways she yells "put it in your piggy bank"!! TOO freaking cute!!!

Happy Birthday Lil' Lida Lew Love!!!

2 hugs:

Candice said...

WOW!! 2 years old already!! What a cute little niece I have :)

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