Friday, May 18, 2007

Week 38

Still no baby...but I've gotta be closer!! No changes when I went to the doctor last. The baby seems to be doing fine and isn't growing too big, like they had originally thought. The doc keeps saying that the baby will end up around 7 1/2 - 8 pounds, which sounds good to me!!
My rash is almost gone, thanks to 'Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap' (Thank You Adrianne!!!). The itching was so intense at times that I thought I was gonna go crazy!!!! Thank goodness I was able to find something to help! Surprisingly enough Matt did not break out in a rash himself (he has been having a lot of sympathy pains throughout this pregnancy:-).
The baby's heart rate was the lowest it's been thus far - only 122!!! He/she must have been taking a nap when the doc was listening in. Amazingly enough the baby's activity level is the same as always - moving all the time. I thought for sure that once he/she ran out of room I wouldn't feel as many movements, I was wrong!!
Well, I went for a bumpy ride this week (my sister, Candice, recommended it), nothing happened except for a few Braxton Hicks. I am sure that this baby will come as soon as he/she is ready.....I just wish it were now!!! Can't wait to hold the babe!!! This weekend I am scheduled for a pedicure - I have heard there are pressure points in the feet......if nothing else it will be a great relaxer!!
Until next time..........have a good one!!!!!!!!

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