Friday, August 24, 2007

My little Dutch baby!!

Every time I go to post a picture I can never decide which ones to put in!! I take about 5 - 10 pictures every day ( I have been told that I NEED to stop doing that). It's just so hard not to!!

Well, I had to share the most recent....I LOVE the last one. My granny (Alida's great-granny and namesake) knitted the hat, sweater and booties before she passed away. I just love how cute they look on her - just like a little Dutch baby!!!

Not much is new - Alida is still sleeping through the night - 10 hours like a champ and growing like crazy - 11 lbs 12 oz last time we checked. I head to work this Monday (I'm trying not to think about it too much). I will miss Alida terribly but I know she will be in good hands!! I will probably be posting a lot more once work starts - I get a little bored there sometimes :-)

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