Saturday, October 27, 2007

Alida's Beach Trip

Alida's first run with cereal

At the beach.

Feeling the sand for the first time with her friend Devyn.

With Aunt Kris.

All bundled up on a windy day.

Hi all!! Alida had her first beach experience this past week. She loved it!! The ocean waves captivated her and the feel of the sand on her little toes made her squeal!! It was adorable! We spent 3 days in LBI with Mom-Mom and a few of her friends. Alida adapted so easily to her new surroundings. She took her regular naps and slept the nights through without incident (well, except for one 3 am feeding). I have to say that time and again she impresses me!!

She is still growing like a weed! She was at the docs about 2 weeks ago....she weighed 13 lbs 13 oz and was 25 inches long. We started cereal (oatmeal and rice), she seems to be ok with it....not too excited but she eats it pretty well.

Alida has apparently decided that she doesn't really want to take the bottle anymore, which has been an issue for some time but after getting better has gotten worse again. We've tried different nipples and different bottles but she just seems to really like nursing more than anything. It's a really hard thing to deal with....the guilt is not easily dismissed :-( All I can do is hope that God finds a way for me to be with her more and more each day.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

4 months have come and gone!!

Alida as a Scarecrow!!

In the corn maize.

Alida with Mason and Olivia :-)

In the pumpkin patch.

On the hayride with Daddy.

Can you believe it??!! 4 months have come and gone!!! I am still in shock at how quickly my little itty bitty baby is growing up! I want to have another little one!! Did I just say that?! HA!! I guess Matt’s in for more trouble than he expected. Recently we discussed how many children we would like to have…Matt is happy with just Alida but I am dying to have at least 3 children! He says that 2 is the limit!! :-( I guess I will have to give it some time and see where God leads us!
This past Sunday we met up with friends at Freddy Hill Farms for some Fall Fun!! Alida couldn’t enjoy it but she sure got some visual stimulation!! I had a great time! We went on a hayride, through a corn maize, picked pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, and watched the pig races!! It was so much fun! I think that Matt even enjoyed it. It will be even better when Alida can run around and take it all in!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Her Old Navy Romper....

I had to post these pics real quick. I just think they turned out so good!! Her outfit is sooo cute! ENJOY!