Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A good day for Alida! she has been most impressive (except for going down for her naps)! She slept the night through and didn't wake to eat until 5 am. She has been doing pretty well at night. There was one incident in which she woke at 2 am...I tried to let her cry. After 45 minutes of a mixture of crying and fussing I had to go and get her. I warmed up 3 ounces of milk thinking that if she was truly hungry she would take it whether I nursed her or gave her milk in a cup. Well...she sucked it down in minutes and went back to bed. I guess she only woke because she was hungry! That's a bit of a relief!! So, anyway...back to today. She woke up for the day at 7 am (I think- you never can tell if she's awake before you actually hear her) and ate a very good breakfast at 8 am. She napped for almost 2 1/2 hours in the morning (after 30 minutes of fussing before she fell asleep) and then ate an AWESOME lunch! She had broccoli and cauliflower with apples for dessert. She ate it all!!! I have been giving her a spoon to play with as I feed seems to help to keep her entertained a bit. I just put her down for her afternoon far she's still awake....I hear her talking in there. Here are some photos of her from this morning....she was in such a good mood!

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Candice said...

She is SO cute!!! I love the outfits you put her in - isn't dressing a baby girl just like having a really fun doll??!! I feel so bad for you with your sleepless nights. It does get better though - I promise!!! There will come a day when you can't wake them up for school, or sports, or ANYTHING!! Give her a kiss for me ---- and I might see her in person real soon ;)