Sunday, March 30, 2008

I love my cousins!!

Easter weekend was fun...very busy but fun! We spent most of the weekend visiting with Aunt Kwree and her boys, Carter and Cole. They came up from VA for the weekend which was very nice!!! Alida was taken by them...she gave them zillions of kisses and held their hands for pictures. So much fun!!!! On Easter we went to church with Mom-Mom and had dinner at Matt's parent's. It was nice to spend time with everyone!! We ended the afternoon at my Aunt Joan's for a quick visit. By the time Alida was home she was ready for bed!!! Next year we will probably go all out with the Easter festivities!!! :-)
It's amazing that we were able to get them all to sit still without crying and all looking in the same direction (even if it wasn't at the camera!)!!!!

The Lewandoski Siblings and their babies!!

In her Easter Dress!! We didn't visit the Easter Bunny and we didn't do an egg hunt....and sadly, Matt and I didn't even get her an Easter Basket. Somehow I think I was more upset about it than she was!

One of many, many, many kisses that Alida gave to her cousins while we they were visiting for Easter weekend!! She LOVES them!!! I think it's her way of telling me that she wouldn't mind having a little brother of her own soon!!! HAHA!

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Carter and Cole said...

Hi Aunt Erin! We love our cousin Alida, and we love you and Uncle Matt too! We loved spending so much time with all of you over Easter weekend! We can't wait until you give us another cousin, hopefully a boy this time:).... But if it is another girl, we will love her too!!!!