Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Alida has decided to take her first steps!!! Well....she took her very first steps about 3 weeks ago but she is now cruising around the room like a pro (well, almost!). It's so much fun to watch her walk! The look of determination and concentration on her little face is so adorable!!! I love it!

I do find myself saying the word "NO" a lot more these days. I hate that! I know that babies are naturally curious and to hinder that curiosity is not my intention. I even read an article that talked about how telling a child "NO" too often when they are young can lead to lack of interest in several activities....since they are always held back I guess they figure why even try! But, I do also know that children need limits as well. It will be a difficult process for me to learn the ropes....I know Matt will be a total pushover no matter what he says!! The other night I had to tell Alida 'no' while she was eating (it was not the best time to blow raspberries!!) and her bottom lip popped out and started to quiver. The saddest and funniest thing ever! Well...consistency id key and I plan to make sure I am consistent!

My next task is to baby proof as much of this house as I possibly can. I want Alida to be able to roam and explore as much as possible without her momma yelling "NO" every two minutes!

Check out Alida and her new trick!!

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