Thursday, May 1, 2008

All Dried Up!!

Well....almost. Alida is 100% weaned! No more pumping...YAY!! She did incredibly well with the transition. I think it's because I took it pretty slow. I stopped one feeding per week until the last two were left - morning and night. I waited two weeks and then took the morning feeding away...then Matt could get up with her!!! HEHE! I waited another two weeks and stopped the night feeding. She really didn't seem to mind at all. She has been doing exceptionally well with the sippy cup these days and seems to really like whole milk. Thank goodness it went so seamlessly...I really was dreading it! Now I just can't wait to "dry up". I am quite uncomfortable right now. It's already been about a week and I am still full! I read online that it could take months!! I hope that's not the case! Although it is nice to have these things!!!! HA!

Alida has had a fever for the past few days...the poor thing. It's her first fever and I just feel so awful for her. She has handled it quite well though. Not nearly as grumpy/cranky as I would have thought. Hopefully tomorrow it will be gone. As sad as it is to see her not feeling well I have to admit that I really do enjoy the cuddling that she wants to do! Sooo sweet!

OH, and how could I forget!!! She is finally saying MA-MA!!!!! YAY!!! I knew it was coming but it felt like an eternity!!! So, she says two words, DA-DA and MA-MA. Wonder what will be next??!! We are working on animal noises and pointing to parts of our face. She knows where mommy's nose, teeth and eye are but not where they are on her face.

Let's see...what else is she doing? Oh, the cutest (and naughtiest) thing! She always finds something to play with that she's not supposed to have....she'll be playing nice and quiet with it until I notice...once I say something to her she takes one look at me, grabs the item and tries to run away! She looks back over her should as she tries to escape my grasp. It is sooo funny! She also knows when she shouldn't touch something...if I say 'no' and make like I am going to smack her hand she pulls it back really quick and flinches quite dramatically! You would think I beat her or something!! HAHA!!

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