Sunday, May 25, 2008

I have to get better at this! I keep thinking of the most interesting things to write about but then I never get to it! It’s very frustrating!!! Not just for those checking to see the latest and greatest (sorry Aunt Kris!) but for myself as well. I plan to have this blog converted into a hard bound book once a year. I am stealing the idea from another blog that I keep up with. Apparently, offers this at a great price!!

Anywho….without further ado, here is Miss Alida Marie Lewandoski performing the newest dance craze of 2008.


She loves to dance these days….her movements remind me of hip-hop. It’s hilarious. The “flow” has gotten much smoother….she was much “jerkier” when she first started dancing. She will now perform whenever she is asked and tends to dance whenever there is music. She can now groove to the beat while sitting as well as standing.

2 hugs:

Aunt Kris said...

LOVE IT!!! She's so darn cute!! Thanks for finally posting it ...

Anonymous said...

Mimi and Lil' Lida Lew love to dance!