Monday, August 25, 2008


The dreaded "I don't wanna go to bed" stage is fast approaching. The past few nights Alida has been difficult to put down. She is like the Energizer Bunny when it comes to bedtime. It's hard to know when it's really time for her to go down...she's so happy and plays so nicely! We keep trying for the 7:30 or 8:00 bedtime but the way things are ending up these past few nights we are lucky to get her down by 10 or 10:30!!! We are hoping this is a phase! It has to be!! How can anyone get anything accomplished with a one year old running around?? Did you ever try to clean a toilet with your baby at your heels? It ain't happenin'!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

10 of Alida's favorite things...

The following is a short but descriptive list of Alida's top 10 favorite things (order is completely random):

1. Shoes....wearing them, carrying them and taking them off. Again and again and again....

2. Blowing raspberries on mommy's belly.....she is sooooo good at this! This makes daddy laugh every time! Poor Mommy can't lay down on the floor without being attacked these days!!

3. The "I'm gonna get you" throws her into fits of giggles and makes her run somewhat lopsided since she keeps trying to look back to see how close you are to actually getting her.

4. Going outside....once you say it you better do it or else.....

5. Giving kisses....just ask and you shall receive! And sometimes there's no need to ask!!

6. Mom-Mom.....poor mommy is a second rate citizen when Mom-Mom is around!!

7. BLUEBERRIES....still her favorite and a staple at the Lewandoski household.

8. Grabbing things she isn't supposed to have then running away with them as quickly as possible, she looks back to see if you are about to grab it...realizing she can't get away fast enough she throws the item across the room before you can get it!! This drives me CRAZY...but it's so darn cute (and smart!)!

9. Dogs, cats, cows, etc, etc......she always has a smile for them even through her tears.

10. Carrying a adorable. She'll load her arm with bags bending her elbow to keep them on and walk around the house with a look of triumph.

She melts our hearts and pushes our buttons ever day!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

All better!

Alida’s neck is 100% better!! Thank God! I felt as if it was never going to heal. The doctor ordered an X-Ray and we put it off until the end of last week. On Friday morning Alida’s neck seemed so much better! So, we skipped the X-Ray. It looks as if she has made a full recovery. It was seriously starting to scare me! A doctor that works with my mom pulled up some information on torticollis (aka wry neck)…it is caused by an underlying illness. It doesn’t make much sense to me but we administered some Benadryl (relaxes the smooth muscles) and continued with the Motrin. Not sure what did it…time, medicine, prayer…maybe all three! We’re just glad it’s better!!

Poor little stiff neck :(

She will be going for an X-Ray of her hand in the coming weeks. The hand therapist didn’t think it was trigger thumb which is good to hear. She seems to think that over time it will get stronger…that we need to encourage Alida to use it more and correct her when she holds things awkwardly. I do notice that she sometimes uses it the right way…more often than not she tucks it in and makes a fist though. So…we’ll see what the X-Ray says and we will work on some play therapy!

Let's play peek-a-boo.....

Alida has started carrying a purse around. It is the cutest thing! I guess she is so used to seeing me carrying different bags on my shoulder that she wants to do it too! It all started will her small cooler bag…she has been dragging that thing around for a few months now. I pulled out an old purse of mine and ever since she loves to carry it around swinging from her elbow. SO cute! She has also become obsessed with shoes…she tramps around the house with one shoe on a good amount of the time. She will come to me bringing one shoe with her and point to her foot; she will then sit down waiting for me to put it on. She rarely brings both shoes so being the lazy mom that I am…I put one on and don’t worry about the other!

Look how long her hair is getting! Time for pigtails!!

We are still waiting for the little lady to start yapping away!! We thought she’d be spitting out all kinds of stuff by now….but it’s still just ‘mama’, ‘dada’, the occasional ‘ball’ and lots of whining! Last night during a thunderstorm she sat on the floor with me staring out the sliding door at the rain coming down. She was very still and quiet….when the thunder would crash she would look at me very serious in her expression and say a different nonsense word each time….”bauble”, “daba”, etc….it was adorable! I wish I had it on tape!!! She has also started singing! SOOOO adorable! Words cannot describe how cute it is to listen to a little baby try and sing a tune! HAHA!!

Alida is always reading...she even babbles as she turns the pages! :)