Friday, April 27, 2007

34 weeks down!! we are, at the end of week 34! Every week I can't imagine making it through another one...I just feel like I have no more room for this baby to grow!!! But, I guess I do :-) Here are some pics that my girlfriend, Suzanne, took the other night. She is the greatest photographer ever!! In fact she may even start her own business some day soon ( and I can't wait till the baby is here and she can take pics of him/her.

This week I took a breastfeeding wasn't very helpful - only basic information. There was about 25 - 30 pregnant women in the class and I have to say that I think I had the biggest belly out of all of them!! And...the majority of their due dates were before mine!!!! I hope this baby doesn't weight 10 pounds when it's all said and done. I'll never get it out!! HAHA!!

The baby shower was this past weekend. It went perfectly!! Thank you so much to all of you that were able to come and thank you again to my family for putting it together! I feel so much more prepared now that I have what I need to bring this baby home. Thank you all for your generosity!!!! It means so much to me and to Matt!

I have my next doc appointment on Tuesday....I hope to get some good news!!!!

See you next Friday:-)

2 hugs:

Dawn said...

Hi Erin, You look so beautiful in your pictures. If you are starting a pool, I think you're having a boy. The baby will be here soon so get as much sleep as possible. Hang in there!
Love, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Oh Erin, what beautiful pictures!