Friday, April 6, 2007

Baby Lew is almost here!!!

Well, here goes. My first attempt at creating a blog so that everyone can find out the latest on the baby's arrival. Pregnancy has been far from fun for most of you already know. The latest scare (for me - because I love candy!!) was that there was a possibility that I might have gestational diabetes. Thank the Lord!!! After 3 hours of testing God has answered my prayers and I can continue to have my cake!!! Matt and I have been working on the room, trying to get things in order. It's coming along and it's really starting to look good. I will include some pics of the baby's room on my next entry. Hope all is well with everyone!!! I have included the latest pic of our precious angel!! If you look closely you can see the outline of Matt's face (definitely Matt's nose!!). Take care!!!!!

8 hugs:

Anonymous said...

I can't friggin believe you're almost about to have a baby! I am so excited!

September said...

duh...i hit's me, 9

Anonymous said...

This Grammy can't wait for her first Grandchild! I'm praying for a quick, pain-free (well, I can pray for that), HEALTHY BABY!

Mama Lew

none said...

Grandpop Lew, here.

Cradle is ready for the bombino, or bambino - ??? I love little girls, but can teach boys to shoot and stuff.

And as Grammy said, praying for a quick, pain-free (well, I can pray for that), HEALTHY BABY!

Papa Lew

Christie said...

I can't wait to be an aunt! I hope that kid of yours grows fast because we need some help here on the farm! You can send her/him down here for "summer camp" with Aunt C and Uncle R, and we will teach her/him how to drive the Kubota! May God bless her/his delivery into the world.

Love, Aunt C

Gina said...

Wow Erin, this blog is such a good idea. And I'm glad you believe me now that that baby is identical to Matt:) Not too much longer to go!!!! I can't wait!!!!Talk to you soon.

Love, Gina

Anonymous said...

Momma--- the baby is no more Matt than it is the Man in the Moon! Baby is the baby that's just the baby, and that baby is the mother's baby who has borne the baby about to be born as a baby-Lew. Lew who? Who knows. What nose? Matt's nose? No one knows whose nose until we all know when baby cometh forth...

Anonymous said...

I'm really starting to think "boy", based on Momma's symptoms and analysis. This may be the week, Erin! Will be keeping an eye on the phone for "the call"!