Monday, June 25, 2007

Pics of little Alida!!

Some pics of Alida in recent days.....she just loves to have her picture taken!! :-) I have so many cute little clothes and dresses that I can't wait till she fits in them and I can take pictures of her in each one!!!! She is getting so big already!! She sent to the doctor's for her 2 week checkup and she looked great! She has already gained a half a pound since birth and I am sure she has gained at least another half a pound since her appt. She is starting to show her little personality a bit....she has some very alert moments and loves to listen to people talk to her. I swear that she is already is very rare but I swear that she has done it once or twice already. Last night I transferred her to her own room. It was very difficult for me to do, I loved having her right near me, but she is one of the loudest babies I have ever been around. She grunts and groans and stretches for up to an hour when she is falling asleep and/or waking up and although she might sleep through it (and Daddy!) Mommy hears all of it!!! I slept much better with her down the hall!! I sent out her birth announcements this week....if I have your address you will certainly be getting one :-) Hope all is well with everybody!!!!!

2 hugs:

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. Keep putting them up and/or emailing them to me.


Aunt Lisa said...

Alida is BEAUTIFUL! She is all Matt. I can't wait to see her again very soon. Kiss those cheeks for me!