Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Today is Wednesday! My day off from work!! I love Wednesdays!!!! Alida is in a mood today...not sure why. It could be the tooth that is popping up (I am able to feel the sharpness of it just today) or the fact that she has reached a milestone today...or it could be something else entirely. One can never tell!!! Well, I guess this post will be short....she just toppled over and bumped her head. I guess I'll have to stay right by her side until she masters pulling herself up!!
Look at me! I can pull myself up!!!!

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Anonymous said...

She is so CUTE! Looks like you are all having fun. I read your comment about breastfeeding. I can totally relate. You start to feel like that's all you do. Hey, keep up the great work. I'm proud of you because a lot of people don't stick it out. Beware of that approaching tooth though;-)Take care and Happy Valentine's Day!