Wednesday, February 6, 2008


UGH! Just the mention of that word brings a tear to my eye! HA! Well, it’s not that bad but I have been dreading it more so lately. I guess it’s the whole idea of sitting in the bathroom on a fold out chair, staring at myself in the mirror while two cups attached to my chest “suck” milk from my body with great force…listening to the motor drone on and on as I wait for let down to commence. It may only be like 10 minutes or so for the whole process from start to finish but it seems like an eternity! I try to picture myself on a beach (the noise of the motor comparable to the ocean) with a….ok that’s where I get stuck. What’s comparable to the sensation I am feeling?? Nothing seems to come to mind. So, there I sit watching the bottles fill up slowly but surely. One more meal for Alida (woohoo!)….one more work break spent in the women’s restroom hoping I remembered to lock the door (I have forgotten on occasion) and counting down the days until I can pack the breast pump away!

Don’t get me wrong…I love nursing. I am thankful that I have the ability to provide sustenance for my daughter….for 8 whole months! I have also been impressed with my ability to keep the “pump and dump” sessions to a vey low minimum! And most of all….I am so proud that I have a way to gross out my coworkers (and friends/family) on a daily basis. Anyone need some creamer????! Hilarious!

So glad I don't have to pump on Wednesdays!!!!!!!! I am home with Alida today. She is playing with some "new" toys that Matt and I got for her. She plays sooo well by herself as long as what she is playing with interests her.

Here is my first try at posting a video....I hope it works.

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Christie said...

I can completely relate to your frustration with pumping and the monotonous sound the machine makes. I never thought to think about the ocean.... My mind wanders far and wide when I pump. I too look forward to the day when I can be free of the commitment that is the "breast pump". It will most likely be sooner rather than later! Kudos to you for making it over 9 months already! It is a lot of work, but I know it has been so good for Alida. The twins will be lucky if I make it to 5 months.... I think the hardest part of pumping is knowing that you have to do it all the time, or you will start to dry up. I don't think that is fair.... Good job Erin!